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Workshops, Wargames and Exercises

The wars in Ukraine and Israel have taught us that major conflicts are no longer a remote possibility. At Kopidion we have developed specialized training, exercises, assessments, and wargames to help your organization be prepared in the event of a major conflict.

We believe planning is necessary to extend beyond traditional Risk Management, Crisis Management, Cyber Resilience, and Business Continuity Planning to include deliberate planning for future conflicts. We have special expertise in this area and want to help you be prepared. Contact us if you would like more information. You may also wish to consider our complementary Training.

Shmoocon 2024

In January 2024, members of Kopidion presented a talk entitled "War Planning for Tech Companies" at the ShmooCon cybersecurity conference in Washington DC. This talk dug deeply into the subject of war planning. We believe in sharing with the community, so you will find all the materials below, including a war planning self-assessment checklist which we released under a Creative Commons license.

War planning Self-Assessment Checklist  

This detailed checklist, which we released at ShmooCon, will help you assess your current readiness.

War Planning for Tech Companies Slides and Video

You can find the slides and video of the talk here.