Joseph Adams

Dr. Joe Adams is a specialist in the development of experiential learning through cyber ranges and cyber exercises. He led the creation of the Michigan Cyber Range where he assisted 27 states and several European nations. ​Previously he served on the West Point faculty and as CIO of the National Defense University.


Kopidion is a cybersecurity training and professional services firm. We tackle hard technical and operational problems for clients, energize cybersecurity innovation, advise information security professionals, and conduct tailored curriculum development and training delivery.

Throughout their careers, Kopidion team members have supported numerous Fortune 500 companies across many critical infrastructure sectors, the spectrum of U.S. Government Agencies, a wide range of prominent academic institutions, every arm of the military, leading VC Firms, cybersecurity start-ups, and four allied Nations.

Known, trusted, and respected members of the security community, team members have advised U.S. Senators, State Governors, Fortune 500 CISOs, leading Venture Capital firms, senior military leaders, and cybersecurity practitioners at all levels of experience across industry, academia, government, and the hacking community. We’ve presented security research at MIT, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, DEFCON, Black Hat, Google Ideas, RSA, ShmooCon, and the NATO Conference on Cyber Conflict, among many others.

From Tokyo and London to Washington and San Francisco, Kopidion team members have tackled challenging cybersecurity problems worldwide. Examples include: founding a cybersecurity research institute, evaluating the security of a high-frequency trading firm in New York, designing a national cybersecurity academy, teaching at West Point and NSA’s National Cryptologic School, conducting a short-notice workshop for a national SOC eight time zones away, building three cyber ranges, running a cybersecurity table-top exercise for CISO’s in Asia, leading training at Black Hat and Troopers, writing a national cybersecurity strategy, and authoring the first-ever book on the operational art of cyber conflict. Our team’s work has been frequently covered in the national and international press, including the front page of the New York Times (twice). 

We are excited to tackle your cybersecurity challenges too. Contact us if you’d like to have a discussion.


Dr. Bob Fanelli has provided cybersecurity capability R&D, consulting, and educational services in government and private sectors. He holds the GIAC Security Expert designation and served as a US Army colonel, where he led the US Cyber Command/NSA Combined Action Group and controlled DoD global cyberspace operations.



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Greg Conti

Co-Founder & Principal

Dr. Greg Conti is a 20-year veteran security researcher, a nine-time DEFCON speaker and author of three security books. He’s served on the West Point faculty, as a Black Hat trainer, as an advisor for US Cyber Command and Merian Ventures, and as Director of Security Research at IronNet


David raymond

Co-Founder & Principal

Dr. David Raymond helped found the US Cyber Range and is co-author of On Cyber: Towards an Operational Art for Cyber Conflict. He’s a long-time Black Hat trainer, helped found West Point’s Competitive Cyber Team and the US Army Cyber Institute.