Tailored research

Our team has in-depth expertise solving hard,
ill-defined problems and will conduct professional-grade tailored research for you.

innovation SERVICES

We can run with your idea or provide you new ideas and thought-leading content for white papers, blog posts, and conference presentations. 

VC & Start-up advising

Venture Capital firms need expert analysis of potential investments. Founders need support to run a successful start-up. We can help.

Our professional staff includes experts across the spectrum of information security and cyberspace operations. We have special expertise in cyber security training, technical research, and strategy development.

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specialized training

We offer unique information security, cyber operations and influence operations courses, and can create tailored training to your specific needs.

we provide world class

Tactical, operational AND Strategic Cybersecurity training, Research & Advice

trusted experts

OUR team Members have 
​DEFCON to nSA's Basement